Can Autogpt Create a Website?

You can say, Autogpt is an upgraded version of Chatgpt. This tool is built to harness the real power of Chatgpt. But the real question is “Can Autogpt create a Website” Is it capable of doing this or not?

This upgrade can perform more complicated tasks than Chatgpt like Reading the Pdf, Creating Apps, Searching the web and many others.

Let’s find the reality.

Can Autogpt create a Website?

Yes, Autogpt can create a single page or multipage website just by typing a simple prompt. It is also capable putting the images and required texts at the right position.

This article is a complete tutorial with images and step-by-step guide to create a website using Autogpt.

How to create a Website using Autogpt?

You may need to follow a few steps to create a website with Autogpt. The steps are mentioned below.

Prompt to create a website with Autogpt
  • Set the goals as per asked by Autogpt
Set your goals to create an errorless website
  • Input command “y” for Yes and “n” for No
Input Y command to proceed with suggestion
  • You may need to input “y” or “n” commands multiple times to proceed further
  • Create a new directory to save the coding files
  • Now its time to clone the repository to the directory
  • Enter the command to analyze the code
Analyze the web design code
  • Now generate text for Website update
  • Go to Autogpt workspace to find all the Website creation files
Autogpt workspace for Website creation files
  • Now you can copy the files and upload them on your local host.

Final Remarks

As you can see the Autogpt is capable of creating a single page or multipage website just through a simple prompt and a few commands. This demonstration establish the Autogpt much superior than Chatgpt.


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