How to Fix Rocket League can’t connect to Epic Servers?

The “Can’t connect to Epic servers” error is one of the most common issues faced by Rocket League players. It prevents you from accessing online multiplayer and causes frustration.

But there are a few things you can try on your end before contacting customer support. This guide will walk through the basic troubleshooting.

Reasons Behind “Can’t Connect to Epic Servers”

  • Server outages – Scheduled Rocket League maintenance or Epic Games server issues block connectivity.
  • Network problems – Faulty internet connection, throttling by ISP, blocked ports cause dropped connections.
  • Software conflicts – Outdated graphics drivers, antivirus blocks, firewall settings interfere with game traffic.
  • Corrupted files – Game file errors, due to bugs, updates or drive failures lead to connection issues.

Steps to Fix Rocket League Connection to Epic Servers

  • Check server status

The first thing is to check the server status page at Make sure there are no ongoing issues or maintenance with authentication/online services. If the services show no problems, move to the next step.

  • Reset router and modem

Reset your network devices by unplugging them for 1 minute. Once rebooted, launch Rocket League and try accessing online features again. Resetting clears any stuck network sessions or IP issues.

  • Verify internet connection

Run an internet speed test to confirm you have a stable connection to support online gaming. If speeds are consistently low or ping is high, contact your ISP. Slow internet equals lag which manifests as connectivity issues.

  • Allow Rocket League through firewall and antivirus

Sometimes security software blocks game traffic accidentally. Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus to see if it fixes connection issues. If so, add exceptions.

  • Reinstall and update graphics drivers

Outdated GPU drivers cause conflicts. Use DDU utility in Safe Mode to wipe drivers completely, then grab latest from manufacturer and reinstall.

Final Remarks on “How to Fix Rocket League can’t connect to Epic Servers?”

Following basic troubleshooting should resolve most “Rocket League can’t connect to Epic servers” errors. Hard resetting devices and ensuring proper ports enabled allows game traffic as designed. If issues persist, contact Psyonix support.


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