How to Access Google Docs through Work Email (Complete Guide)

In today’s world, one cannot navigate through their workspace without using Google Docs. The sharing and simultaneous collaboration benefits that Google provides can’t be discounted. But what happens when you have to access a google doc through a non-google, or in other words, work email? This brings us to our main question, How to access Google Docs through work email?

Companies nowadays have strict policies regarding privacy.

Hence, they provide their employees with personalized company emails.

In other words, these emails don’t have a extension. 

In this article, we have tried our best to resolve these issues for you in two ways. 

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into it.

How to access Google Docs through work email?

Let’s start with some myth-busting, and the biggest of them all is that you require a google account to access, view, or even edit a Google doc. 

Yes, this is not entirely true. Anyone can access, view, or even edit a Google Doc, given the owner of the doc has provided permission for the same. 

In the below section, we have shared the steps of how anyone can be granted access to a google doc.

By turning the setting to Anyone with Link:

Google is very conscious when it comes to protecting your personal information.

At least on google cloud.

Hence it allows you to control who you want to share or work on your documents with. 

But you can change these settings according to your need.

For instance, instead of restricting your document to a set or group of people, you can open it for anyone who has the link to your Google Doc. 

Let us show you how it is done:

  • Open the dedicated document that you want to share with people who don’t have a google account. In this case, it is your own self.
  • Then head to the top right side of your screen. There you will be able to see a Share button. Click on that button, and a dialogue box will pop up.
Share Button How to access Google Docs through work email
  • In that dialogue box, you will find the option of typing the contact’s name or the email ID of the person with whom you want to share this file. But you don’t need to enter anything in that box for now.
  • Considering the fact that the person you are sharing the file with doesn’t have a Gmail ID, you will skip this box and go to the General Access settings instead.
General Access Settings How to access Google Docs through work email
  • In the General Access Setting, you will find the default setting to be Restricted. And to share your file, you will be required to change that setting. To do so, simply click on the word Restricted and a drop-down menu will appear. 
  • In that drop-down menu, select the option that reads Anyone with the Link; what this will do is it will allow your document to be open for anyone who has the link.
Anyone with the link How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Now just copy the link from the Copy link option in the lower part of the same dialogue box. Or you can also copy it directly from the URL bar of your web browser and send it to the person who requests to access the document. In this case, it will be your own work email through which you want to access it.
Copy Link How to access Google Docs through work email

So, you can see for yourself how easy it is to share a google document with anyone.

It doesn’t matter if they have a google account or not;

Anyone with the link you’ve created will be able to use the document for different purposes like editing, commenting, or simply reading. 

However, there is a drawback to this method.

While it allows you to share your document with anyone, it is not safe.

Your file is not encrypted; hence anyone who has the link can open it, read it, and even alter it.

So, what to do if the document contains sensitive information that can be used against you or your company?

Such a document cannot be kept open for everyone. But worry not; there is a solution to this problem as well.

In such a situation, you will have to rely on the second method discussed in the forthcoming part of the article.

Associating your email address with Gmail:

The safest and most flexible way of accessing and using a google doc via your work email is by associating it with google.

No, this does not mean you will have to create a new Gmail account. 

Instead, you just have to associate your work email with Google while using it as you do on a normal basis.

This will not alter any of your settings and allow you to use Google’s cloud services.

Feels confusing enough? Let us show you how it is done.

  • Go to the Google Doc that you want to share. And to send yourself the document, click once again on the Share button.
  • This time, type in your work email ID on which you want to share the document. Then in front of that, you will find the role you wish to assign to the recipient.
Role to Assign How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Click on the role menu and choose Editor before sending the invite. After that, click on the Send button.
Send Button How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Then open your work email inbox, where you will have received an email from the Gmail Id that wants to share the document with you.
Shared Document on work email How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Click on the file name in that mail, and your internet browser will open automatically. 
  • On that page, you will be able to view the document as a whole without having to sign up. But if you want to edit or make changes to the document, you will be required to sign in or sign up.
  • Now, since your account is not associated with google, you will have to click on the Sign Up option, which is available on the top right of your screen. 
Signup to edit How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Once you do that, you will be redirected to a google sign-up page. 
Google Signup page How to access Google Docs through work email
  • There you will be asked to create a google account. But be sure that you choose the existing email as your email id. 
  • Fill in the other important information as asked by Google. This process will include basic info such as your name.
  • After filling in your information, you will have to generate a password before clicking on Next.
  • Then a google verification code will be sent to your work email Id. And you will be required to enter the same in the next step. 
  • Once you do that, a normal google sign-up window will open where you will be required to enter some more personal information like Mobile Number (optional), Gender, and Date of Birth. 


Welcome to Google page How to access Google Docs through work email
  • Upon clicking next, you will be taken to a terms and conditions page, which you’ll have to “agree to” in order to proceed. 
  • As soon as you click on the Agree button, you will be redirected back to the Google Doc that you have shared with yourself from your Google ID.
Agree to access the document How to access Google Docs through work email

Now you can edit the document at your will.

Furthermore, you will also be able to see all the people with whom the document has been shared.

Hence collaborative working will become much easier. 

We understand that the second process is practically signing up for Google.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to change your email to do that. 

Also, you need to understand that the measures taken by Google are to ensure your safety and privacy.

And you should never ever compromise your digital safety and privacy, for there are a lot of people on the internet who can make your life hard.


Google Docs is one of the most important tools in today’s workspace.

One cannot discount the importance of it when it comes to collaborative work.

Google Docs offers a variety of options to work with.

Hence it is immensely important to be able to access it.

And now you know how you can do just that even without making a google account.

Use the Open Link method for insensitive documents that would not cause you any harm if they came into the wrong hands. 

Or you can simply sign up to google using your work email.

This will not only allow you access to the shared document but will also enable you to use other tools such as Google Sheets and Cloud services like Google Drive.


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