How to Connect Beats to Laptop within seconds (Easy Step-by-Step guide 2023-2024)

After unboxing, the Beats cool range of wired or wireless head phones, the first query that strikes is how to connect/pair them with our devices, this article “How to connect beats to laptop?” addresses the same query.

the main issue being their inventive designs, So, in this article, you’ll know the exact buttons to push and the definite steps to follow to power on Beat’s different models of headphones pairing mode and then set it up with the laptop device of your choice (Windows/MAC laptop).

Beats headphones have a crazy fan base because of its exceptional audio experience.

Why is it hard to connect Beats earphones/headphones with laptop/android devices?

  1. Each Beats headphone has an innovative design which makes it complex to trace the buttons and understand its usage without refereeing to the instructionmanuals of the headphones.
  2. They come in a variety of ranges/models
  3. Being pricey, we can’t experiment with the buttons located over the device due to the risk involved in putting our headphones at risk of damage.

Pairing different Models of Beats headphones to Laptop(Windows/IOS

Pair Beats Solo 2 to Windows PC (all versions)

  • Turn on your Beats Solo 2 headphones by pressing the power button.
  • Long-press the logo button on the left earcup of the headphone to turn on its Bluetooth connectivity.
Turning on bluetooth connectivity of headphone to add beats to laptop
  • The Bluetooth indicator will start blinking.
Blinking bluetooth indicator to add beats to laptop
  • Go to the Windows setting
  • Turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your windows
  • Start searching for nearby devices.
  • Your Beats device will locate in the search results.
  • Click on your Beats Solo headphone device to connect, and congratulations, you have connected Beats Solo 2 with your Windows laptop.

Pair Beats Studio buds with Windows PC.

  • Press the button provided in the middle of the buds section of the Beats buds cover.
  • The Bluetooth indicator will turn on.
Blinking Bluetooth headphone indicator
  1. Now, search for the Beats Buds device on your laptop.
  • Once connected, until you disconnect manually it will stay synced.

Pair Beats Solo 3 with Windows

  • Long press the small round button to turn on the Beats Solo 3
  • Once it is on, white dots will blink subsequently.
  • Search for nearby devices on your Windows
Blinking bluetooth light on headphone to add beats to laptop
  • Click on connect, and within a few seconds you will be paired.

Pair Beats X wireless with Windows Laptop

  • Make sure your Beats X wireless is off.
  • Long press the long button present on its body.
  • A white blinking dot will appear that signs it is now in pairing mode.
Turning on white bluetooth light in pairing mode
  • Search for the Beats X Bluetooth earphones on your laptop.
  • Now, once detected, the device click connect.

Pair Beats Studio 3 with Windows laptop/PC

  • Long press the round button on the bottom of the ear cup.
Blinking bluetooth lights in pairing mode on headset
  • Four white dots will starts blinking.
  • The blinking dots will indicate that the Beats Studio 3 has turned on.
  • Connect it to your laptop by turning on Bluetooth on the device.

Pair Beats Flex with Windows Laptop

  • Long press the long flat button.
  • LED on the Beats earphones will start flickering.
Blinking led light on headphone body to add beats to laptop
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your laptop.
  • Now pair the earphone and laptop.

Pair Beats Fit Pro with Windows PC/Laptop

  • Press the flat button at the bottom of the Beats Fit pro case on the inner side.
  • The LED light situated at the outer side of the case at the bottom will start blinking.
flickring bottom led light of headphone to add beats to laptop
  • Now, connect with the laptop by turning on the Bluetooth connection option on the laptop.
  • Click on the pair or connect option.

Pair Beats Studio with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity of iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone
  2. The Beats Studio Model can be turned on by opening the lid and pressing the mid-section button for 5-6 seconds until a LED light pops on the lower side of the case’s exterior.
  3. Now, connect with the Beats Studio by spotting the product name on the device.

Pair Beats products with Mac.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac by going into the Apple menu
  2. Hold the Beats Studio buds next to Mac by opening the case.
  3. Press the system button until the Beats product responds with a blinking LED.
  4. Click on Beats Studio to connect.


The primary difficulty in connecting a beats product to your laptop is finding the pairing button of the product. Once you know where to click to set it on pairing mode connecting the Beats product to laptops or other devices would become a matter of seconds.

FAQ related to Beats connectivity with the laptop

Q. Can I Pair My Beats to Multiple Devices?

Beats wireless earphones and headphones can be connected to an array of devices but not at the same time. You can manually unpair connected or saved devices to connect them with a new device.

So, Beats can’t be connected with multiple devices at single time.

Q. What to do if Beats wireless headphones can’t be discovered by your laptop?

Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection between your Beats product and device-

  1. Keep a distance less than 30 feet between whatever device you are taking into use for pairing up and Beats headphone.
  2. The apple support system suggests to keep the device and the Beats headphones away from wireless routers, microwaves and other Bluetooth and electronic devices.
  3. The Beats products once connects gets synced in the laptop so, if any issue is faced in establishing connection forget the Beats product.



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