How to Connect FiOS Remote to the TV (Guide)

Most people get stuck while operating the remote for FiOS TV and this is the most common problem that most people face while handling the remote. So How to connect FiOS remote to the TV?

I have made a successful guide for you so that you can easily use your remote for the FiOS TV without any hassle in handling all the processes with the complete setup with the device.

What is FiOS?

Verizon FiOS is a television service powered by Verizon Communications, a bundled internet access, television, and telephone service that works in the United States over a fiber optical network.

FiOS TV is one of the three services that is offered to the citizens by Verizon FiOS. Verizon offers multiple FiOS packages that provide high-definition and standard-definition quality, as well as on video demand.

FiOS TV takes help of fiber optical wires for better transmission and uses QAM technology to deliver network signals to a customer’s residence.

FiOS TV has a clean and compact little box that can quickly fulfil entertainment needs with the facility of Netflix and YouTube.

Also, according to your plan, you get access to a wide range of channels. Each plan has some benefits and you will get access accordingly to the plan you opt for.

Connecting the FiOS TV Voice Remote to control the FiOS TV

Connecting FiOS TV voice remote

With the help of the FiOS TV voice remote, you will feel that you’re watching experience has improved a lot. It uses Bluetooth for connection and avoids the typical method of IR connection.

With the help of the FiOS TV Voice remote, you will get access to a wide range of voice commands, and also there is a sensitive microphone embedded inside the remote that has some more functions.

You can easily talk with full convenience and you will get better results. This remote is designed only for Verizon’s FiOS TV one. Follow these basics steps for easy programming of the remote for controlling the FiOS TV:

  1. Slightly hold the ‘0’ and ‘play/pause’ button simultaneously, by pointing towards the TV.
  2. Stop pressing the buttons when you will see a blue light on your remote.
  3. When the light stopped blinking, your FiOS TV voice remote is now connected and is ready for use.

When you are done with this process, your device will be connected to the remote and can be controlled easily.

For automatic setup of your remote, go to menu -> Settings -> Voice Control -> FiOS TV voice remote -> Program Voice Remote -> Automatic Setup.

After successfully completing this step, you will get a notification that will say ‘success’ at the top right of your screen. If this setup doesn’t work with your device, then you have to go with the manual setup or without remote.

Connecting the Verizon P265 to control your TV

If you have an older remote and you still face this problem, the process for setup is similar to the above one. The most basic thing you have to do is to initiate the pairing process and enter the code of your FiOS remote.

Follow these steps for connecting Verizon P265 with your TV:

  1. Look for the remote code of your specific TV from the list of control codes of Verizon P265, which will be available in the user manual.
  2. Switch on the TV and also the FiOS STB.
  3. Press the ‘Ok’ and ‘0’ buttons simultaneously, and you will see that a red light will blink twice, and will stay illuminated.
  4. Enter the code from the manual, and the red light will again blink twice and will stay illuminated.
  5. Press the ‘Ch+’ button till your TV gets turned off.
  6. Check whether your remote is working properly or not. For this, Turn on the TV, try to increase and decrease the volume and also press the mute and A/V buttons.
  7. If you still face any issues with the working, then make sure to press it again till the time it starts working properly.
  8. If all the keys of the remote are working properly, then press ‘Ok’. The red light will blink thrice, and then switch off. The remote of your device has successfully been programmed.

Some of the remote control codes of major TV brands for Verizon P265 are listed below:

  1. LG – 210
  2. Philips – 285
  3. Samsung – 331
  4. Toshiba – 397
  5. Sony – 352

Connecting Verizon P283 to your control TV

Connecting Verizon P283 remote to control TV

Just like Verizon P265, the configuration of Verizon P283 is almost similar and easy. The steps that are included are:

  1. Switch on your FiOS set-top box and TV.
  2. Find the code for your TV from the manual.
  3. Enter the code that is given in the manual. Now press the ‘Ok’ and ‘!’ keys together. The red light on the remote will blink twice and will stay on.
  4. Enter the TV code and follow the previous steps. The red light on the remote will again blink twice and will stay illuminated for the time being.
  5. Press the ‘Ch+’ button until your TV turns off.
  6. Check whether your remote is working properly or not. Turn on your TV and follow the steps that we followed for Verizon P265, try to increase and decrease the volume, and check the mute option and A/V buttons. Stop checking when these functions start to work.
  7. If the keys are not working properly, then make sure to press and hold a specific key. Release them when it starts working. If it is working properly, click‘Ok’ to move further. Now, the red light will blink three times and will switch off. This indicates that the remote is successfully programmed.

The codes remain the same for Verizon P283 as for P265.

Reset the remote control to the original settings

Reset remote to original setting to connect FiOS remote to TV

If you want to reset your remote to the original settings and if you are facing issues with the proper functioning, then follow these steps for successful resetting of the remote:

  1. Press the Ok and FiOS TV buttons together. Stop pressing when you see red light, it will blink twice and will stay illuminated.
  2. Press and leave the Play/Pause button for every second.
  3. Follow these steps until your remote gets the actual code, and when it will find it then your device will get turned off. Now stop pressing the button when TV will turn off.

Your remote is back with the original settings and now you can follow the setup guides for connecting it back to your TV.


FiOS TV has improved the standard of entertainment in many regions with the service and quality it provides to its users being its biggest advantage.

You can easily connect your remote to your FiOS TV just by following the steps that we have discussed and making it easier for you to complete the setup.

If you still face any issues then you can reach out to us.


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