How to Connect Firestick to a Laptop (An Ultimate Guide)

How to connect Firestick to Laptop? Is it easy?

Firestick is one of the most famous amazon products that is used as a streaming device.

It is used for turning a TV into a smart TV, which means your entertainment level will increase as you can easily watch movies, shows, and web series, and it provides you a wide range of viewing lists.

Firestick is available in multiple options and the features range with the prices it is beneficial if you want a more innovative experience for your entertainment.

The main purpose of a firestick is to make your TV smarter, so it saves a lot of money in buying a new more brilliant TV as your job can be easily done with the help of a firestick as it makes your life easier without any hassle.

An amazon fire stick will give you access to multiple streaming platform providers such as – Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Voot, Amazon Prime Tv, and many other options.

The basic items you will need for the perfect setup are a great Wi-Fi connection, a TV that must have an HDMI port for connection, and the firestick for replacing it with a cable subscription that charges a lot from your pocket.

With the addition of a firestick to your TV, you can easily view more than 5,00,000 movies, TV episodes, and web series for free, and you can get access to paid subscription items.

Not only entertainment, but you can also watch sports and can sit back and relax to music with help of Spotify-like apps.

Connecting Firestick with a Laptop

The steps seem to be relatively easy for connecting a firestick with the laptop and we will learn the steps that can be useful for properly connecting of firestick with your laptop.

Using HDMI Port

HDMI port is the best place in the laptop that is used for connecting firestick as it completely fits there and most people use HDMI port for connecting firestick with the laptop.

Some other methods can be used but this is the easiest method to go with.

Laptop ports are used for sending video signals and this allows you to connect output devices on which you experience better entertainment.

For example, you can easily connect your device to an external monitor, or a TV and can use it for screen mirroring.

Also, the firestick allows streaming content with the help of HDMI ports.

HDMI Ports to connect Firestick to a Laptop

Using Video Capture

If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port or if it is damaged, you will still need an HDMI video capture device for connecting your laptop to the firestick.

This device is used for converting the video output into a specific type of file that is easily understandable by the computer and it allows you to work with the HDMI port.

Also, some video capture devices are directly used with the laptop just by connecting the firestick to the USB ports of the device.

Some video capture devices need an HDMI splitter for setting up the connection of the firestick with your laptop.

Some needs streaming software as the splitter might not be suitable for specific laptops, and for this streaming software such as OBS Studio is used.

Install the software, connect it to the firestick, and use it for streaming.

Using a VGA Adapter

If you don’t have a laptop, but own a monitor or a computer, you can still connect your firestick to it.

The process is easy as connecting a streaming device to your monitor is simple.

Use a separate VGA adapter for the connection of the firestick and you can enjoy the vibe of entertainment, but make sure to have a good audio device as when you use a VGA adapter the audio gets a little bit disturbed and it might bring a worry for you for the audio quality.

There are also options of opting for a VGA adapter that has an additional audio output device as it will settle everything.

With this, you can easily connect your firestick and can enjoy the new version of entertainment on your device.

VGA adapter ports to connect Firestick to Laptop

Steps to mirroring a laptop device to a firestick

Mirroring a computer screen with a firestick is quite simpler and it’s hassle-free.

And you can easily go with this method if you own a laptop.

Follow these simple steps that help mirror your laptop to a firestick:

On your Firestick

  • Hold and press the home button of the remote of your Amazon firestick TV when it is connected to your TV. You will see a pop-up menu with different options to choose from.
Home button on amazon firestick
  • Select the option of ‘Mirroring’ on your firestick. Wait for some time as your firestick will get discoverable for further connection with your PC.
Mirroring firestick to connect to Laptop
  • Now visit your PC and check whether your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi or not. Now from the bottom right option visit the notification area on your PC and then click expand to view more options.
Wifi connection to firestick to connect to Laptop
  • Click on connect and wait for the available devices lists and make sure to check that both devices are using the same Wi-Fi.
  • Click on firestick from the list of available devices and you will see that your screen is mirrored on the TV through which you have connected the firestick.
Connecting firestick to laptop using same wifi

But when you mirror your screen then you must see that you will get some additional output options.

You can easily change these projection modes from the display settings of your laptop, and choose the suitable one from Duplicate, Extended, and Second screens only.

You can select anyone according to your preference. You can easily exit the mirroring mode just by clicking on any button on the remote of your firestick.


Most people don’t have smart TVs in their homes but they wish to have one. But why buy a new TV when you can actually make it with the help of Amazon firestick.

Firestick allows you to change your viewing experience and adds a good number of entertainment activities that include movies, web shows, TV serials, sports, music, and much more.

And you can easily connect the firestick to your laptop, computer, and monitor. It also allows you to mirror your laptop and makes your TV a type of second display.

You can use an HDMI port, VGA adapter, or video capture devices for a successful connection to firestick with your Laptop.

If you want to feel better entertainment and you don’t want to spend much on new TV then the best option is to go with an amazon firestick that will make your TV smart and allows you to connect it to your laptop and will improve your entertainment lifestyle.


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