How to Connect Meta Quest 2 to TV (Complete Guide)

Virtual reality need not be a solitary endeavour. Once you know how to connect Meta Quest 2 to TV, you can share your VR adventures with an audience. Family members, friends and other viewers can watch you play a VR game or do a VR workout like the Supernatural. TG’s favourite VR headset is the Meta Quest 2. It has a sleek design, simple controllers, and powerful built-in audio — all for a reasonable price. The Meta Quest 2 includes the ability to cast to connect to a TV. You’ll just require a Chromecast device or a TV with Chromecast built-in. Once Chromecast is hooked up to your TV, you are all set to begin.

How to cast Meta Quest 2 on TV?

Step 1: Turn on Quest 2 and your television. If you’ve connected a Chromecast device to your TV, make sure you’ve selected the correct input. In addition, Chromecast and Quest 2 should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

how to connect Meta Quest 2 to TV

Step 2: On the right-hand controller, press the Meta button to access the home menu.

Step 3: Point and click on the camera button

Clicking camera button from icon menu to connect Meta Quest 2 to TV

Step 4: Click on the Cast button in the Camera window.

Step 5: Select the Chromecast-enabled device in the Cast From This Headset window.

Visible chromecast enabled devices to connect Meta Quest 2 to TV

Step 6: A message of confirmation will appear.

Step 7: The feed from your Meta Quest 2 should now be displayed on your TV.

How to connect Meta Quest 2 to a TV without a Chromecast device?

Even if you don’t have a Chromecast device, you can use a variety of different methods to cast Quest 2 to your TV easily. The information below will help you select the most appropriate and beneficial method for yourself. Let’s go exploring!

Cast from your headset

  • Step 1: Navigate to The Utilities.

You must turn on your headset. Then, on the screen’s right side, navigate to the widgets section. The “cast to” item can be found in the “extensions” dialogue. Select this option to proceed to the following step.

  • Step 2: Choose a television

After clicking the “cast to” item, choose your TV from the list of Meta Quest-compatible devices. Then, click the “next” button.

  • Step 3: Examine the casting results.

After you have finished the preceding steps, the final step is to verify the transfer. At this point, you should take off your headset and check the TV to see if the transmission is complete.

Cast from your phone

  • Step 1: Join everything together.

You must ensure that your headphones, your phone, and your TV are all connected to the same wifi network from the start.

  • Step 2: Launch an application.

Then, on the mobile phone, launch the Meta Quest application and connect the headset to the phone. To accomplish this, the casting feature must be enabled in the previously installed app.

  • Step 3: Reflect on the phone.

The next step is to directly mirror the screen from the phone to the TV. An app like MirrorOP or other excellent screen mirroring software makes it easier for you.

  • Step 4: Examine the stream.

Before playing the game, double-check the connection flow.

Cast with an Amazon Firestick

  • Step 1: Insert a Fire Stick.

First, connect and install the Amazon Fire Stick application on your television. Then, as directed, finish up the initial setup and download any additional required apps.

  • Step 2: Install a mirroring app

Download the rightly compatible mirroring application for your phone model. Airplay is extremely compatible with iOS, whereas apps like Allcast work best on the Android operating system.

  • Step 3: Remove the headset and cast the phone.

Install the Meta Quest app and configure headset-to-phone transmission on your phone as the next step. Once the headset is ready to stream to the phone, use the Amazon Fire Stick to mirror the screen to the TV.

  • Step 4: Have fun with your game.

This final step is to enjoy the new virtual reality game experience. However, don’t forget to double-check your mobile phone regarding issues of charging and overheating.

How to stop the casting of Meta Quest 2 on TV?

When you’re finished, repeat these steps to stop casting:

  • On the right-hand controller, press the Oculus button.
  • Click the share button from the menu.
  • Click the cast button and then the stop casting button.
  • To turn off the headset, simply hold down the power button and click.


As a result, this article has provided you with a quick guide on how to connect Meta Quest 2 to a TV with or without a Chromecast device. It’s time to relax and enjoy your own virtual reality experience with those around you. Chromecast is the best choice for you to live that desire. You can also use some of the methods described in this article which are also very simple, quick, and cost-effective things to do for you.


Do Samsung TVs have Chromecast?

Yes, it does. Most Samsung smart TVs come with Chromecast as an option. This option allows you to cast Meta Quest 2 to your TV quickly and easily. You must download the Google Home app and follow the onscreen instructions after connecting your Chromecast to a power source or an HDMI port.

How do I cast Meta Quest 2 on non-smart TV?

Chromecast is an excellent solution for non-smart TVs. However, your device must be connected to the internet while the Chromecast is connected to the TV. Screen mirroring software or headphones are also viable options for you. Examine the suggestions above to determine which method is best for you.

How do I display VR on my TV?

You can easily display the VR option on your television. All you need to do it well are the following:

  • Headset: Turn on the headset, navigate to Share, and cast. Then, in the list that appears on the screen, select the device you want and press the next button.
  • Phone: Allow scanning for compatible devices. Take the desired device and transmit it.

Whatever method you use, make sure the headset, phone, and transmitter are all connected to the same wifi network.


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