How to delete Reference Code on Shein?

If you do not need a reference code and want to delete it, do you want to know “How to delete reference code on Shein?”

Before knowing further let’s understand this amazing business model first.

Shein is an online marketplace of huge variety of clothing items and the platform offers reference codes to its loyal/ potential customers. The reference code can be used for discounted shopping on the marketplace.

The step-by-step guide to delete the reference code on Shein is mentioned below. Follow the steps and the code will be deleted.

How to Delete Reference Code on Shein?

Deleting the reference code is an easy and quick process, it just requires a few steps to be implemented. Go through the steps and respective images mentioned below.

  • Login to your Shein Account
  • Find the “User Account” icon on the top right corner of page
  • Now click the User account icon to open the menu
  • Find the “My Profile” option from the menu
User Account icon and My Profile option on Shein
  • Click the My Profile option to open the user profile
  • Now you can see the multiple options on the left sidebar of profile page
  • Find “Other Services” Option from the left sidebar of profile page
  • Now click the “+” icon to find the sub-menu under “Other services”
Other Services option with plus icon in Profile section of Shein
  • Click on “My Reference” option from the Sub-menu
My reference option in Other services section on Shein
  • Now you can see a blank box with “Update” button on My reference page
Update button to Delete Reference Code on Shein
  • Enter your reference code in the box and click “Update”
  • Done

Now you can consider your previous code has been deleted. You can also update/ change your reference code by following the same process.

By updating/ changing your reference code, you can get a new or updated code but in case of deleting the reference code, your code will be removed from your account.

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