How to get Unblocked from Posting on Instagram (A to Z Information)

Getting action blocked or shadow banned on Instagram is every creator’s or E-Commerce site’s worst nightmare.

It feels devastating to get banned on Instagram even after having a developed page.

Has such a pop-up message of violating guidelines of Instagram has bring you to run a Google search about “how to get unblocked from posting on Instagram?”,

then not to worry we will equip you with enough ways to hail your Instagram Id out of a ban and regain access to posting on your Insta socials.

How to get unblocked from posting on Instagram

Instagram algorithms are insanely good at catching red-flag activities.

We acknowledge getting Instagram action blocked either intentionally or unintentionally and enabling access to ‘ commenting’, ‘posting ‘ and ‘liking’ is no less than a digital dilemma. 

Here is a 101 guide on how to fix an Instagram Ban to resume posting on Instagram.

  • Reinstall the app from the device you were using it on, but make sure to sync the data before deleting it if it doesn’t have an automated backup.
  • Connect with the support team or Insta Help-desk community if you’re not accountable for violating the protocol on your part and Instagram disabled your account by mistake. For this, you can Mail Instagram management, the IP team or the Meta Support manager at the following mail address.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • To get your Insta socials back from an action block, click on the ‘Tell Us’ Written right below the notification proper when you tried to post on your insta handle. Instagram lets you demand support if they have mistakenly blocked your account.
Popup Instagram Blocked
Popup Instagram Blocked
  • To unblock your Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account go to the upper right corner of the menu page of your Instagram handle, click on settings, then on Help and report the issue.
Report Temporarily blocked Instagram Account
Report Temporarily blocked Instagram Account

Go to help, to report a problem or can request support as well.

Request Support Instagram Team
Request Support Instagram Team
  • To Regain Your Suspended Insta Account your first step after getting blocked should be to unauthorized linkage with any third-party app you may have used to like and follow on your behalf, using bots. Instagram doesn’t entertain any suspicious/ spammy activities. 1+ billion people are engaging on Instagram if kept unchecked number of bots will take over real people’s accounts. Use the below link to revoke access : 
  • Instagram AI after analyzing your too many activities on a new account might regard you as a bot. So wait for about 2 days, if not urgent. Instagram would have revoked the ban, if not before.

Until the action blocked period remains, don’t post and keep liking unless you want a longer suspension from Instagram.

  • Another way is to edit/write your Instagram Bio Page to get unbanned from posting.

Action block vs Shadowban

By imposing an Action block Instagram restricts you from posting, liking, commenting etc.

Whereas a shadow ban on Instagram would affect the scalability of the Inappropriate post or IG stories you have curated hampering their policy.

What’s more horrible than both of these is getting Signup / IP blocked.

How much time will it take for Instagram to reinstate the ban?

An action block would not sustain any longer than 24 to 48 Hours. That’s a typical expiration time of Instagram action blocked.

It might take a bit longer for a user from a third-world country as Instagram manually confirms identity.

A temporary action block with a try-again button comes with an undefined time slot, so being patient is the only choice.

Why do you get Blocked from posting on Instagram?

 Dormant Accounts 

Instagram does not entertain dead/dormant accounts. Have a completely optimized account 

 Frequent VPN change

Access Instagram every time with the same VPN as before.

 Getting Reported too often

Don’t slide into another persona Dms to send spam messages that might get you reported by them.

An Instagram report with proper screenshots can even get your IP blocked.

Violating Community Guidelines 

Read the Community guidelines of Instagram before posting and using hashtags.

 Using Third-party software to enhanced engagement

Don’t act smart and allow software services to follow & like others’ accounts.

Instagram AI analyzes these activities and a sudden growth of followers can land you an unwarranted block from Instagram.

Selling Illegal Stuff 

Selling or buying stuff banned by the government on the Instagram platform can lead to an’ Instagram account suspension ‘.

Hiding your age 

 Instagram confirms your age from the email you used while making your account.

You have to be 13+ to use Instagram. If found to be a minor insta can put you in action-blocked jail.

Mass following and Unfollowing 

Don’t use these cheap gimmicks to increase your following, not sure if this actually brings you followers but instead this will get you blocked on insta for sure. 

Standard likes, comments, follows, DMs allowed by Instagram are,

  1. 60 likes / Hour
  2. 60 comments / Hour
  3. 60 Dm / Hour
  4. 60 follows or Unfollows / Hour 

Copyright infringement 

Copy-posting an already famous post does seem like a good scheme to increase followers inflow but do you know you can even get action blocked by Instagram or worse permanently banned once caught.

How to lessen the chances of getting Blocked by Instagram? 

  • Understanding Instagram’s Terms of service ( TOS ) & Privacy policy  will allow you to know what not to do for sustaining on Instagram.
Privacy Policy of Instagram
Privacy Policy of Instagram
Terms of Use of Instagram
Terms of Use of Instagram
  • Abstain from posting any kind of borderline content on Instagram so as not to get blocked from posting on Instagram.
  • Maintain a schedule for posting and limit your interaction time, to not get blocked because of excessive posting or liking.
  • Do not harass other users in DMs or in the comment section. Frequently Getting reported is like inviting an action block from Instagram.
  • If you think the hashtags you used don’t have your post beneath them,  Instagram might have shadow-banned you. You can take a break from your insta socials to regain the previous status.

Final Remarks on “how to get unblocked from posting on Instagram

Understanding the Instagram platform’s rules and regulation is a precondition before using it in order to have a block-free usage of Instagram.

Although if you have already made a mistake, points mentioned above can release your account from Instagram blocked.

We hope this advice followed would rescue your account from a temporary Instagram Block and your search for how to get unblocked from posting on Instagram would have been resolved for now.


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