How to make Fortnite use more GPU?

Getting higher and more consistent frames per second (FPS) in Fortnite requires the game to fully utilize your graphics card or GPU. There are a few tweaks you can try in the game settings and GPU software to push more load onto your GPU and optimize Fortnite performance.

  • Adjust In-Game Settings

Open up the Fortnite settings menu and head to the Graphics tab. The key things to focus on are:

  • Set 3D Resolution to 100%
  • Increase View Distance to Epic
  • Turn Shadows up to High or Epic
  • Enable Anti-Aliasing and Textures at High

Applying these tweaks puts more strain on the GPU when rendering graphics, freeing up CPU resources in the process.

  • Enable GPU Overclocking

Use your GPU maker’s software (Nvidia Control Panel, Radeon Software etc.) to enable GPU overclocking for extra performance.

This increases video memory speeds to render Fortnite at higher FPS. Be sure to stress test for stability.

  • Set Preferred Processor to High Performance

Right click the Fortnite launcher and select “Run with graphics processor” and choose your dedicated GPU.

This ensures the game relies on the GPU instead of integrated graphics.

  • Disable V-Sync and Cap Frames Higher

Turn off V-Sync and use the in-game FPS slider to set your frame cap at least 10-20FPS above your monitor’s refresh rate.

This reduces GPU idling and pushes it to render more frames.

  • Close Unnecessary Background Apps

Prevent other apps like web browsers and video players from reserving GPU bandwidth while playing Fortnite. Quit out of any background programs not vital for your system.

Final Remarks on “How to Make Fortnite use more GPU”

Following these tips will help optimize Fortnite to better leverage your graphics card, maintain higher FPS, and boost in-game responsiveness.

Monitor GPU usage before and after – you should see far higher utilization.


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