How to Surpass the Compressing Process of Instagram (Step-by-Step Guide)

Think about a scenario where you are video graphing a beautiful scenario that you will upload later on Instagram for your followers and for likes. Still, to your utter surprise, the quality of the video you want for your video got compromised because the Instagram has compressed the file you have uploaded to it. So why does Instagram reduces video quality and How to Surpass the compressing process of Instagram?

Happens If you are a content creator or your living is based on uploading content on Instagram, then this scenario will surely affect your page reach, and ultimately, less traffic will come to your page, which will eventually affect your income portfolio.

In this case, your whole effort and all your efforts and hard work will go in vain, so, to avoid that, what can you do to so that the file you have uploaded does not get compressed and the quality of the content does not get compromised?

Your whole effort and all your time will get wasted if this happens, so to avoid you could use some of the tips and tricks.

Before we go any further, let’s have a look at why does Instagram reduces video quality.

What is the reason behind quality reduction?

Every upload you make to Instagram is compressed using a secret algorithm. It’s done because of the following reasons mentioned below:

  • To lessen the server’s workload
  • To shorten load times
  • Enhancing user experience

You can check the upload requirements, resize the image, alter how you transmit data, adjust camera settings, and more if you don’t want the upload quality to suffer on Instagram.

View the instruction below.

What are the guidelines which you need to follow?

In this section, we will be sharing some of the used and tested tips and tricks which could solve your problem.

Follow the instructions so that the videos’ quality will not get reduced when you upload them.

Make sure to upload within the guidelines:

If you are uploading videos to your feed page, then the guidelines are as follows:

  • Aspect ratios: Vertical, Square, and Landscape (1.91:1, 1:1) (4:5)
  • 600 x 315 pixels (1.91:1 landscape), 600 x 600 pixels (1:1 square), or 600 x 750 pixels are the minimum resolutions (4:5 vertical)
  • the maximum frame rate of 30fps, the file size of 4GB, and the length of 60 seconds

If you are uploading an IGTV video, then the guidelines are as follows:

  • Vertical/portrait aspect ratio (9:16)
  • Resolution minimum: 600 x 1067 pixels
  • Size to use: 1080 by 1920 pixels
  • Ten minutes or fewer videos can be as large as 650MB.
  • Longer videos can be as large as 3.6GB which can be up to 60 minutes.

If you are uploading a video on the story page, then the guidelines would be:

  • The aspect ratios for vertical/portrait are 9:16.
  • The minimum resolution for a 720p video quality will be 720*1280.
  • The size which is recommended is 1080*1920 pixels.
  • The frame rate of the video must be no more or less than 30fps.

Choose for high-quality video uploads from the settings:

Instagram reduces the quality and resolution of the video automatically, whether it is IGTV or reels. To get a pass from this, you can use this trick.

  • Open the Instagram app and login to your profile.
  • Tapthe profile symbolin the right corner below.
  • Select Settings from the hamburger menu by clicking it.
Fixing Video quality of Instagram uploads- Hamburger menu with settings option
Fixing Video quality of Instagram uploads- Hamburger menu with settings option
  • Click Account > Data Usage.
fix Instagram video quality- Sub menu with Accounts Option
fix Instagram video quality- Sub menu with Accounts Option
Bypass Instagram Video compressing process- Cellular Data Use option menu
Bypass Instagram Video compressing process- Cellular Data Use option menu
  • Turn on the Toggling Button
Fix poor Video Quality of Instagram- Toggling Options
Fix poor Video Quality of Instagram- Toggling Options
Upload Highest Quality Video files on Instagram- Toggling Option Turned on
Upload Highest Quality Video files on Instagram- Toggling Option Turned on
  • Check the switch for “upload at highest quality”here.

After doing these settings, the quality of the videos will not get reduced by the Instagram.

Instagram will always upload high-quality videos when it has been enabled, even if it takes a bit longer.

Try switching to the creator’s Account if the high-quality upload option is unavailable.

For iPhone users, record and uploads videos in 4k, HDR and choose 60fps:

Shooting in 4K and 60fps is the simplest method to get the finest quality for Instagram reels.

Additionally, Instagram is now testing iPhone HDR video uploads.

To enable both options on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  • Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Go down the page and select Camera.
  • Select High Efficiency under Formats.
  • Then return select Record Video, and choose 4K at 60 frames per second.
  • Turn on the HDR Video toggle on the same page.

Make sure Instagram’s settings allow for high-quality uploads. Additionally, if you alter videos before uploading them, they cannot retain HDR.

So, give editing in the iMovie or Photos apps a shot.

After you upload the reel that was captured with the parameters mentioned above, the HDR status can eventually disappear.

The status will return once Instagram has finished processing HDR videos, which takes some time.

Avoid those transfers in which the quality gets reduced:

The other reason which is done by most of us is to send videos from one device to another without thinking a bit what will be the impact it will have on the quality of the video.

Make sure they are not compressed when you are transferring videos from your PC to your phone or vice versa.

If you are usingMac or an iPhone device, you can use Airdrop to send files.

Use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services instead.

Telegram also allows you to send uncompressed images and videos.

Send photos as documents if you’re using WhatsApp to send them.

Using this technique will surely save your effort and save your hard work and the quality of the video, which further will help you to produce a high-quality video for your page.

Making changes in your camera settings:

Adjust your Camera’s settings to achieve the highest possible quality and resolution.

Always take pictures and movies in high definition. Later, you can resize them.

It is preferable to use the stock camera on your phone rather than the Instagram app when taking pictures.

Final words on “How to surpass the compressing process of Instagram?”

These were quick and simple methods for posting pictures and movies to Instagram without significant quality loss or compression.

I sincerely hope that this aids you in posting high-caliber content to social media.

Please give the techniques a try.

Instagram still uses compression to restrict the size and quality of uploaded videos.

The good news is that as technology advances, the laws are becoming more lenient.

Hopefully, Instagram will continue to relax the limits to permit bigger and higher-quality posts.

You can utilize the tricks and advice mentioned above to get around Instagram’s compression measures, which reduce the video’s quality in order to improve user experience.


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