Instagram Account is getting Deleted for Unknown Reasons (Why)

Instagram account is getting deleted for unknown reasons
Instagram account is getting deleted for unknown reasons

Has your Instagram account suddenly vanished in thin air? If yes, then don’t worry, because many users have and are still facing this issue where their Instagram account is getting deleted for unknown reasons

Want to know what could be the possible reasons for this sudden disappearance?

Well then, let’s find it out in this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you happen to find out that your account has been automatically deleted by Instagram, then it might be because you have constantly broken its community guidelines.
  • Instagram’s moderators have a sharp eye on all your post and activities, so it is better to post, comment, or message someone abiding by their guidelines.
  • Instagram doesn’t suspend an account for the first offense, instead, it gives a warning pop-up inside the app.
  • You can appeal to Instagram for account restoration by simply accessing the “My Instagram account was deactivated” form and then following the instructions accordingly.
  • You can also appeal for account restoration through the in-app pop-up.
  • Unable to login, a “your account has been violated” pop-up, and a “user not found” error are some signs of permanent account termination.
  • A hacker or someone else can get into your account and delete your Instagram account permanently. So, enable 2FA with a strong password.

Instagram account gets deleted for unknown reasons.

If your Instagram account has vanished out of the blue from the platform, then, there is a possibility that you have broken a certain rule or many rules of Instagram’s Community Guidelines that you promised to abide by while creating an account. 

Now that we have gotten the answer to the main query,

let’s move forward and dig deep into the matter to see which are those rules and regulations in the Community Guidelines that can cause this type of permanent account termination,

if not followed wholeheartedly.

Instagram’s Community Guidelines – A brief insight:

Every social media & dating site out there on the internet is thriving to make sure that its users feel safe and sound on their platforms.

With that said Instagram is no different from the crowd, and now being a daughter company to one and only Facebook aka Meta,

it has tightened up its community guidelines and terms of use, which a user must follow strictly to avoid any type of legal trouble, i.e., permanent account termination.

So, which are those?

Well, just follow the listicle that is mentioned below to find out.

  • Inappropriate content.

Photos or videos that project uncivilized, and objectionable contents are banned on Instagram.

So, if you have posted photos or videos on your Instagram profile that falls under objectionable or inappropriate radar, then your account is bound to be banned.

Moreover, according to Instagram, you can’t post objectionable photos of children as well, even if it was shared with good intentions.

  • Hate speech.

Secondly, inappropriate comments or posts are considered to be against Instagram’s Community Guidelines. 

Not just that, if a user is trying to name call, abuse, or attack someone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, or disease, it is considered inappropriate and falls under the hate speech category. 

  • Illegal activities.

Illegal activities like drug dealing, firearms dealing, sexual services, alcohol or tobacco dealing, pharmaceutical or non-medical drugs dealing, sale of live animals,

Sharing of sexual content involving minors, and blackmailing are some of the serious offenses and are also against Instagram’s community guidelines.

So, if you don’t want your account to be deleted permanently from the platform, you must stay away from such activities.

  • Death threats or self-injury.

Death threats or self-injury type of content are strictly prohibited on Instagram.

So, if you have posted something that targets an individual relating to physical harm, financial harm, or vandalism, then your account may get a permanent ban.

In addition to this, people who urge or encourage others to embrace self-injury such as suicidal cuts, eating disorders, or other types of injuries are considered a threat to the victims, and therefore, Instagram takes such violaters down immediately.

  • Underaged.

The legal age for any user to be on Instagram is 13+ years.

Although, many kids who are below 13+ have made it through the verification process by using fake identification proof or by altering their personal information. 

However, this thing doesn’t last forever, because eventually, Instagram’s Al will detect such alterations, and then suspend that account from the platform permanently.

  • Use of third-party bots and apps.

Lastly, the use of bots or third-party tools to increase followers, comments, or likes is not accepted by the platform.

So, if you are using them or planning to use them, then beware, because your account now falls under the red spot of the radar.

Similar to this, you also cannot use bots or third-party tools to send “Direct Message” to each-and-every follower, as it is considered spammy behavior.

However, in some cases, the account deactivation is caused by a glitch or say an error made by Instagram moderators.

So, in such cases where you are confident that you haven’t breached any of their Guidelines, you can make an appeal to Instagram for account restoration.

Want to know how?

Well, then follow the next segment.

How to appeal Instagram for your account retrieval?

Whenever Instagram disables or deletes the account it doesn’t notify the user or state a valid reason for the same, which is very much frustrating and keeps the users in the dark. 

However, if you are confident that you haven’t made the mistake of not adhering to the rules and regulations of this photo-sharing community,

then you can appeal to them and get your account back in no time by following the instructions mentioned below. 

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Now, try to log in with your credentials.
  • You will now see a “Your account has been disabled for violating our terms” pop-up on your screen.
  • Next, tap on the “Learn more” button.
  • It will redirect you to the “My Instagram account was deactivated” page.
  • Now, fill out the information that is being asked for.
  • Then, type in your concern inside the “Please let us know” box, and don’t forget to mention the details with subtlety.
  • After that, you will be asked if your account is a business account.
  • Tap on “Yes” or “No” accordingly.
  • Next, enter your personal details in the vacant fields.
  • Now, if you are recovering a business account, then you will be asked to submit a business document in a clear JPEG format. The documents majorly consist of a local business license, tax filing, invoice, certification of formation, articles of incorporation, utility bill, proof of domain name registration, or order fulfillment documentation.
  • Lastly, tap on the “Send” button.

Similarly, you can complete this process by directly accessing the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form.

After that, all you need to do is wait for a few days, as Instagram will review your account.

And if it finds that it was a mistake from their side, then they will send you an email with a reactivation code. 

A user needs to write that code on plain white paper, hold it in front of the camera and then click a selfie with it.

But remember, the image should be of high quality and should display the code and your face clearly.

After completing the process, wait it out for a few days until Instagram sends you a confirmation email that notifies a successful restoration of your account.

Note: It will take Instagram a few hours to a few days to respond to your query, so if you still haven’t received any update on your account, then better wait for 10 to 20 days and after that make a follow-up. 

Moreover, many users have also stated that their account was restored automatically, without any email update. So, it is better to cross-verify the reactivation before sending another email to Instagram. 

What are the signs of account termination?

The signs of account termination are as follows:

  • Unable to login into the account.
  • A pop-up message stating that your account has been terminated for violating Instagram’s terms will show up on your screen when you try to log in.
  • A “User not found” error will pop up when someone searches for your username.

Can a hacker delete your Instagram account?

Yes, hackers are hungry for your data, and if you have kept your Instagram profile public,

then there is a high chance that they might steal your content (photos/videos), personal information, and in the worst-case scenario your login credentials. 

By gaining complete access to your account, a hacker can also delete your Instagram account permanently, without your consent.

Not just that, if you have shared your credentials with someone, then they can use them against your will and deactivate or delete your account permanently. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take some serious steps in terms of data security and enable the two-factor authentication method along with a strong password. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Instagram terminate my account for a one-time offense?

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is very much strict in terms of its Community Guidelines, but however,

it won’t straight away delete or say terminate your account for a one-time offense.

Instead, it will show an in-app warning stating that your account will be taken down if you continue this offensive behavior.

Will Instagram delete my account if I don’t log in for a long time?

No, Instagram won’t delete your account automatically if you are inactive on the platform for a long period of time.

Can Instagram delete my account after I deactivate it?

No, Instagram won’t delete your account automatically, even if you have deactivated your account temporarily.

How many days will it take for my Instagram account to get deleted permanently?

After you have successfully placed an Instagram account deletion request, it will take an average of 30 to 90 days for Instagram to delete your account.

With account deletion, your photos, videos, and profile information will also be removed from the platform.

Is it possible to create a new account with the same email address and username after the account has been deleted?

While it is more convenient for a user to use the same email address for a new account, it is not the same with the username, as the username is blacklisted by Instagram.

Final Remarks

Instagram is one of the best social media sites when it comes to self-marketing or business marketing, which is why many users invest their blood and sweat to grow their own online community.

However, sometimes, Instagram deletes a few accounts out of the blue and doesn’t give any specifics for the same, thus leaving users in a completely bewildered state.

So, it is advised to first cross-verify that you haven’t broken any rules, and then follow the restoration method mentioned in the article.


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