Is Urban VPN Safe?

Is Urban VPN safe

I had never heard of UrbanVPN until my gamer buddy Kai mentioned trying it out — mostly because it was mad cheap at just a couple bucks per month! But I know paying pennies can mean skimping on privacy essentials under the hood.

So I decided to investigate further whether UrbanVPN really protects like premium services nearly 10X the price. Let’s break it down…

UrbanVPN offers decent baseline VPN privacy and encryption protections for an extremely low budget price point. However, its small server network, lack of independent audits thus far, and scaled back capacity to enable cheaper pricing cut corners compared to premium VPN providers. So security proves sufficient but limited, albeit very affordably.

UrbanVPN Background

First up, learning about who runs a VPN offers clues to its priorities. UrbanVPN got started in 2015 by a small team in Bulgaria focused on budget-friendly service for everyday folks, not just tech elites. They seem upfront about infrastructure limitations that enable lower pricing. So far so good…

Security & Privacy Analysis

When scrutinizing VPN safety, you gotta examine multiple factors:

✅ Encryption & protocols – UrbanVPN uses standard AES-256 bit encryption which matches leading competitors.

❓ Small server network – They only operate 50+ servers in 30 regions currently. This allows targeting specific countries easily but limits backup options if one goes down.

✅ Strict no logging policy – They do not record any browsing data or connection logs. Key for privacy.

❓ Minimal auditing thus far – No known independent audits by outside cybersecurity firms yet validating protections, a transparency concern.

❓ Budget pricing model – While enabling affordability for many, constantly growing server capacity without relying on profits presents sustainability questions long term.

My Final Remarks: Decent Starter VPN With Caveats

Considering the microscopic pricing, UrbanVPN includes respectable baseline privacy pillars albeit with some transparency drawbacks I’d like addressed regarding external vetting. Speed potential also lags without extensive infrastructure.

Yet other fixtures check out for those on very tight budgets or seeking a basic entry-level experience before committing to premium providers. Just know limitations exist versus top players with 10-20X higher pricing. But everyone has to start privacy protection somewhere!


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