What is GPU crash debugging in Fortnite?

what is gpu crash debugging in fortnite

Epic Games has included a useful error reporting feature in Fortnite that detects GPU crashes during gameplay sessions. When enabled, this generates log files that help identify why and where your graphics card is crashing. Here’s how to find and analyze the logs to resolve stability issues. Launch Fortnite, open Settings and navigate to the … Read more

How to Lower GPU usage Fortnite?

how to lower gpu usage fortnite

If Fortnite is pushing your graphics card to 100% usage or overheating, you may want to intentionally limit FPS and graphics settings to ease the load. This will reduce power consumption, fan noise, and even out frame rates. Here’s how to lower GPU usage. Open the Fortnite Video settings and enable the “Show FPS” setting … Read more

How to make Fortnite use more GPU?

how to make fortnite use more gpu

Getting higher and more consistent frames per second (FPS) in Fortnite requires the game to fully utilize your graphics card or GPU. There are a few tweaks you can try in the game settings and GPU software to push more load onto your GPU and optimize Fortnite performance. Open up the Fortnite settings menu and … Read more

How to fix d3d11 Compatible GPU Fortnite?

fix d3d11 compatible gpu fortnite

The “D3D11 compatible GPU Fortnite” error typically appears when your graphics card or GPU does not support DirectX 11, which is required to run Fortnite. This can prevent the game from launching properly. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to get Fortnite working again. The first step is to ensure your graphics … Read more

Can I use VPN without an Account?

Many now seek virtual private networks (VPNs) for anonymity online. However, some users wish avoiding yet another account login burden to manage. Options exist furnishing core VPN functionality without mandatory credentials across both device-level configurations and external services leveraging creative technical workarounds. Can I use VPN without an Account? Yes, it is possible to leverage … Read more

Is a VPN app safe for Android?

Is a VPN app safe for android

Is a VPN app safe for android phones? It depends on the VPN service you are using on your device. Virtual private networks (VPNs) promise shielding Android device browsing and data via encryption. But can the apps access sensitive information or enable hacking instead? Let’s evaluate common permission requests, content access, hacking potential, plus trusted … Read more

How can I create a VPN on Mobile? (Complete Guide)

Commercial VPN services promise private web browsing but cost monthly fees. What if we could make our own VPN for mobile devices using spare hardware and open source software? Let’s explore a 4 step do-it-yourself approach. Build Your Own Mobile VPN Step 1) Get An Old Router/Computer Scavenge any unused router or laptop with wifi … Read more

Is ProtonVPN Free?

ProtonVPN is unique offering permanent free encrypted browsing rather than expiring “free trials.” Great in theory – but how consistent given the tier leans on paid subscriber funding? Let’s explore the pros and cons. Is ProtonVPN Free? Yes, ProtonVPN uniquely provides a permanently free VPN option with unlimited data usage but throttled speeds. However, sustainability … Read more

Is Windscribe Free?

VPN provider Windscribe lets users access basic encryption tunnels permanently without paying. This contrasts typical “free trial” gimmicks converting folks to paid plans. Let’s explore what’s offered in their freemium model – and the catches. Is Windscribe Really Free? Yes, Windscribe stands out providing a permanently free VPN subscription option with 10GB per month of … Read more