People You should Unfollow on Instagram ( Do it Immediately)

People you should unfollow on Instagram
People you should unfollow on Instagram

Is your Instagram feed affecting your virtual or mental growth? If yes, then you should definitely audit your followers/following list, and unfollow some people on Instagram to declutter your Instagram feed. But wait! What if you don’t have any clue whom to remove and whom to keep? Well, don’t worry, because this article is all about the “People you should unfollow on Instagram.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms around the world.
  • The platform consists of different types of users ranging from normal people to celebrities.
  • Some people who are not worth your time and energy should be unfollowed right away.
  • People who post irrelevant content‌, have zero posts, just follow others to unfollow again, or are inactive should be unfollowed immediately.
  • Similarly, it is also crucial to unfollow those people who are bad for your mental health.

People you should unfollow on Instagram.

Most people use Instagram for two things; #1. For virtual growth, and #2 For entertainment.

Now, if you are running a business account, then you need engagement, and engagement comes from a balanced interaction.

But, if you are using it for your personal use, then you need a well-tailored feed to keep you entertained and away from negativity.

Hence, for your convenience, this list is divided into two different categories.

  1. Types of people to unfollow for better virtual growth.
  2. Types of people to unfollow for better mental health.

Types of people to unfollow for better virtual growth.

If you are looking for a good engagement rate or want to grow your online business exponentially, then you should unfollow the types of people that are mentioned below.

People who don’t show any kind of activity.

The first type of people in this category that you should unfollow is the ones that don’t show any kind of activity. Now, you may ask why?

Well, any Instagram account that shows no activity indicates that it is not used by the user, and is just clogging the space.

So, it is better to get them off your Instagram account permanently.

Although remember, a few accounts show no activity regularly, but once in a while.

Therefore, closely examine such accounts, calculate the amount of benefit you will be getting from them, and then tap on that unfollow button accordingly. 

The ghost followers.

The second type of people that you should unfollow are ghost followers.

Ghost followers are someone who just doesn’t interact with your post or stories.

Meaning, that you won’t receive any likes, comments, or even views from such users. 

Hence, it is better to unfollow them and make some space for new users.

People who follow to unfollow.

You must have come across some people who will first send you a follow request on Instagram and as soon as you give them a follow back, they will unfollow you in a few days.

This is known as follow/unfollow method, and it is widely used by many people across the platform. 

Although, if you are looking for growth, such behavior can negatively affect your reach.

So, if you find that someone has unfollowed you after you gave them a follow back, then just do a tit-for-tat and unfollow them.

People who don’t follow back.

These types of Instagrammers are quite similar to the follow/unfollow ones.

Although, there is just a slight difference, as these people only accept your follow request and don’t send you a follow back.

Now, firstly this can lead to an imbalanced followers/following ratio, and secondly, your post won’t show up on their feed, resulting in no interaction, which will directly affect your engagement rate.

So, just scroll through your following list on Instagram, or use third-party apps like “Instagram analytics” or “Instagram insights” to find them, and then unfollow them one by one at an interval of 5 to 10 minutes to avoid a temporary unfollow ban.

People who post irrelevant content.

Instagram is a house of different niches, and every niche serves different categories of people.

For instance, if you love homemade products, then it is more beneficial that you follow people who work in the same niche.

But, if you are following someone who is posting something unnecessary and unrelatable, then it can negatively affect your feed and engagement rate.

Hence, it would be wise to unfollow those who post irrelevant content.

Bot/fake accounts.

This type of account needs no introduction because every 2 out of 10 accounts that you will come across are bot/fake accounts. 

Following these types of accounts will only occupy space on your feed, because they are bots/fakes and won’t interact with your posts or stories, resulting in a zero engagement rate.

So, better unfollow them right away. 

Here are some signs which will help you to identify fake/bot accounts.

  • Has no profile picture.
  • Has a random username, like “bahdgjb165.”
  • Has little to no posts.

People who have 0 following.

There are a few accounts on Instagram that do not follow anyone.

Now, if you have followed someone like this, then you should probably unfollow them. 

No, no it is not revenge, but as mentioned earlier your posts won’t show up on their Instagram feed, and if it doesn’t, then what is the point of keeping them in your account?

So, just unfollow them.

People who have an unbalanced followers/following ratio.

Lastly, unfollow people who have an unbalanced followers/following ratio. 


Well, it is no secret that Instagram shows posts based on its learned algorithm.

So, if you have someone who has the least followers and more following, then probably your posts won’t show up on their feed regularly, and will ultimately hit your engagement rate negatively.

Types of people to unfollow for better mental health.

Instagram can sometimes turn out to be evil if you are not aware of who you are following, and what type of content they are serving. 

Therefore, here is a list of people that you should unfollow immediately and spare yourself from mental torture.

The selfie lover.

The first one on the list is a selfie lover, and yes, we all know someone who is constantly trying to gain attention by posting their face on Instagram. 

So, if you have someone on your following list who constantly uploads his/her selfies, then you should straight away unfollow them and get out of the torture.

The hardcore Instagrammers. 

The second one is almost similar to the selfie lover and carries only one different trait,

i.e., a hardcore Instagrammer will constantly upload their life on Instagram because they have a quench for likes and comments which is equal to attention seeking. 

Now, this repetitive behavior can have a negative effect on your Instagram feed, as it will occupy most of your Instagram feed, and you won’t be able to see the updates posted by your friends and family members.

So, it is high time you chop off that connection.

The celebrity account.

The third type of Instagram account that you should unfollow for better mental health is the celebrity account. 

Yes, we all indeed look up to some celebrities, but if their picture-perfect life and body have started negatively impacting your existence, then you might want to unfollow them for good.

The so-called influencers.

If you are a regular Instagram user, then you probably know that it is a perfect hotspot for influencers.

They are the ones who endorse products or services on behalf of the companies. 

But, when it comes to projecting themselves, some of them will not hesitate in putting themselves on a pedestal and yearning for a picture-perfect life.

However, this picture-perfect life is a lie, and if you feel low and question yourself whenever you see them, then it’s high time you unfollow such accounts.

The pessimists/attention seekers.

Like selfie lovers, pessimists or attention seekers are the most horrible kind of people to follow on Instagram. 

They will post hundreds of sadistic stories and posts, and keep your mind occupied worrying about them (if you know them), while they enjoy their life without any burden.

Plus, you will also feel drained mentally and physically. 

Therefore, it is better to unfollow them right away.

The gym freak.

Fitness is something that should be a part of everyone’s life and to keep yourself motivated you can follow some good athletes or gym coaches, who can guide you with correct information. 

But, what if that person is a total gym freak and keeps posting his day-to-day updates and gym selfies on Instagram?

Well, this may become irritating after a while and may affect your self-esteem.

So, it is better to unfollow someone who is a gym freak.

The exes.

It’s hard to get over someone who you once knew, and it includes your ex-friends or your ex-lovers.

But, what good will it do if you are still following them?

Well, it will only cause you pain whenever their photo pop-ups on your feed. 

So, to reset your brain and prevent yourself from sulking over that negative feeling, you should definitely press that unfollow button.

The insensitive ones.

No doubt anyone can express their views freely on Instagram, but it can turn into torture if someone posts insensitive content on the platform such as personal comments, racist comments, or political comments.

So, if you find such accounts on your feed, just unfollow them right away.

The perfectionist.

As mentioned earlier, nothing is perfect in this world, and if someone is posting their perfect life on Instagram, then don’t believe them, because it’s a lie. 

However, if you still get anxious while scrolling through their perfect pictures, then you should unfollow them.

Want a complete detox from social media?

Then try deactivating or deleting your Instagram account.

Final Remarks

Instagram as a social media site can be beneficial as well as a curse to the human race.

So, in order to balance it out, it becomes very much essential to audit your followers/following list and remove the ones that seem unfit for your feed. 

Lastly, remember, don’t get sucked up into this game of likes and comments so much that it starts affecting your mental health. 


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