WebChatGPT Not Working (Fixed)

WebChatGpt is a Chrome extension offered by WebChatGpt.app which can boost the power and accuracy of Chat GPT/ OpenAI. This article is all about the reasons and fixes if WebChatGpt not working.

I have mentioned all the possible reasons which may cause interruption in the working of WebChatGpt extension and also the fixes.

Let’s dive in!

WebChatGPT not working (Possible Reasons)

WebChatGpt is a well known extension used to enhance the capability of ChatGpt (The master AI Tool).

There are multiple possible reasons which may affect the working of WebChatGpt extension. Once you come to know the reason, troubleshooting becomes easier.

Unsupported Browser

If the WebChatGpt not working, the problem may exist at the browser level. You might be using the older version of the browser. You just need to update your browser to the latest version to fix this issue.

Internet Discontinuity

Maybe your Internet service provider is not providing a proper internet connection or has blocked the specific pages. You’ll just need to talk to your Internet provider and the problem will get resolved.

Extension Installation Issue

Make sure that you have properly installed the WebChatGpt extension. The installation issue may cause WebChatGpt not working properly because it’ll not be able to parse the files fed to it.

Webpage fetching issue

The incorrect URL or Blocked pages may also cause the interruption in the working of WebChatGpt that’s why it is crucial to cross check the URL manually.

How to Fix WebChatGPT not Working Issue

As we have addressed the possible reasons above which may cause WebChatGpt not working, Now it’s time to fix those issues accordingly.

Browser Issue

If the issue exists at browser level, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Update the current Browser

You can update your default browser to the latest version by following the steps mentioned below. It is almost similar for all browsers.

  • Click the three dot menu on the upper right most side of the browser
Chrome Browser Three Dots
  • Now click the settings option from the menu list
  • Now click “about chrome” option from the left menu
About Chrome in Left Menu
  • It will show you the current version of your browser
Current Version of Chrome Browser
  • You can update the browser if it is the older version and not updated automatically.
Microsoft Edge

All the steps are almost similar for the Microsoft Edge.

Just click “About Microsoft Edge” instead of “about Chrome” to see the current version of the browser.

Clear Cache & Cookies

Sometimes the bigger problems get resolved just by clearing the Cache & Cookies. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear Cache & Cookies if WebChatGpt not working.

  • Click the three dot menu on the upper right most side of the browser
  • Find “More Tools” option from the list of menu
  • Now hover over the drop- down list and find “Clear Browsing Data” option
More tools and Clear Browsing data in the Chrome
  • Click the “Clear Browsing Data” Option
  • Now select the time span from the drop- down list and hit the “Clear Data” button
Clear data button to delete Cache and Cookies in Chrome

Internet Issue

Talk to your ISP or Broadband provider for internet related issues or blocked pages. Also provide them the URL to unblock if it is blocked by an ISP.

Extension Issue

The Extension file may also cause multiple issues mentioned below, You can identify and resolve them by identifying properly. 

Uninstall & Reinstall the Extension

Follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall & Reinstall the extension.

  • Go to the three dot menu and find the extension option from the menu list.
Manage Extensions in Chrome browser
  • Now find the WebChatGpt extension and remove it.
  • Visit the chrome web store and reinstall it.
Visit Chrome web store to reinstall the extension

Extension compatibility

If the extension is not compatible with the current version of the browser or the configuration of the device, it will flash an error notification and you can fix it accordingly.

Conflict between Extensions

If you already have installed other extensions and they are conflicting with WebChatGpt, it will also flash an error of “WebChatGpt not working”. You just need to follow the steps given below to resolve this conflict.

  • Go to the Extensions option from the menu list
  • Now click “Manage Extensions” option
  • Find the targeted extensions and remove them, and it’s done.

Ask for Assistance

You can ask for assistance from the help section of WebChatGpt  if the mentioned methods don’t fix the issue. The developers may provide you with some solutions.

Alternatives to WebChatGPT Extension

Once you have tried all the methods to fix the “WebChatGpt not working” issue and it doesn’t get fixed, You can try some alternatives to this extension.

The alternatives to WebChatGpt are AI Prompt Genius, MaxAI.me, and FancyGPT.


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