What is GPU crash debugging in Fortnite?

Epic Games has included a useful error reporting feature in Fortnite that detects GPU crashes during gameplay sessions. When enabled, this generates log files that help identify why and where your graphics card is crashing.

Here’s how to find and analyze the logs to resolve stability issues.

  • Enable Crash Debugging in Fortnite

Launch Fortnite, open Settings and navigate to the General tab. Check the box next to “Additional Command Line Arguments” and enter:


This activates debug mode to catch GPU crashes as they happen.

  • Locate GPU Crash Logs

After a crash occurs in-game, exit Fortnite completely. Open Windows Explorer and paste this path into the address bar:


This will lead directly to generated logs from your gameplay session.

  • Review the Time of Crash

Open the .dbg file in Wordpad. Scroll down and locate the section noting date, time, map and activity when your GPU crashed.

This gives context on what was occurring right as your graphics card failed.

  • Identify Fault Module

Further down is the section outlining specifically which GPU process caused the crash, like “nvwgf2umx.dll”.

Google the module for clues on underlying issues and potential solutions.

  • Search for Solutions

Use the module name, error codes and crash context to search forums, Reddit, Nvidia/AMD communities etc. to find applicable fixes.

Common approaches include updating GPU drivers, increasing voltage, underclocking or improving case cooling.

Final Remarks on “What is GPU crash debugging in Fortnite?”

Analyzing logs from Fortnite’s GPU crash debugging exposes exactly how and where graphics failures occur.

Use the output files to make your card more stable, eliminate crashes completely, and enjoy smooth high FPS gameplay.


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