Which VPN gives Free Data? (Top VPNs providing Free data offers)

The providers offer free data as a way to hook you in and hopefully convert to a paid plan later. Let’s dig into the details and find the sweetest data deals!

The top VPNs providing free data offers include:

ProtonVPN – Offers unlimited free data each month but may throttle speeds after 30GB of usage.

TunnelBear – Entry-level free plan has a 500MB monthly data limit.

Hotspot Shield – Free version grants 5GB of data monthly for basic browsing and streaming.

Atlas VPN – Ran limited-time 6 month promotion with 10GB of data per month.

Windscribe – Gives first-time subscriber bonuses of 2-5GB extra free data depending on plan selected.

Surfshark, NordVPN – Leading premium VPNs have previously offered 1-3 months free as a trial to entice longer subscriptions after the promotion window.

Monthly Data Limits

Most free VPN options limit how much data you can use per month before your speed slows to a crawl. Entry-level options like TunnelBear offer around 500MB, barely covering basic web surfing. Meanwhile, AnchorFree Hotspot Shield supplies 5GB which provides decent streaming capacity with care.

For power users, ProtonVPN gifts the royal sum of unlimited data each month! So reasonable streaming at 1080p remains cool, but don’t push limits.

Other Promos and Offers

Some VPNs offer temporary special offers in addition to monthly limits to further reel us bargain tickled fishies in!

For example, Atlas VPN ran a 6 month offer granting 10GB of free data per month. Windscribe awarded new subscriber bonuses adding an extra 2-5GB depending on the package.

Even premium paid VPN providers like Surfshark and NordVPN have run past promotions gifting limited free months to get you addicted before charging. So keep an eye out for too-good-to-be-true deals maximizing that initial free haul!

The Catch of Course

While free data allowances let us safely dip our toes into various VPN pools, almost all hope we’ll eventually splash out on premium packages, like Surfshark’s $72/year unlimited plan. The minor hope lies in occasionally stacking enough limited-time deals for at least a year’s frugality. Although reliability and speed risks persist under capped plans.

Final Remarks on Free data VPNs

Many free VPN data allotments aim to hook users into hopefully paying for unlimited premium plans long-term while initially eliminating financial barriers to try the product. Users must weigh advantages against potential later upselling efforts when restrictions hit.


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