Why does Instagram show Active when I’m Not (Resolved)

Why does Instagram show online when I’m not? Users can view the active status of anyone they follow by using the “Active Now” function.

An Instagram user who is online and active at the moment can be identified by a tiny green dot next to their name.

It cannot be easy to understand the true mechanics of this feature.

When a user is currently offline, their accounts may display as “Active Now” with that tiny green dot blinking that goes along with it.

In this informative article, we will discuss on why does Instagram show online when I’m not along with its reason and steps which can solve the problem.

What are the reasons behind this glitch?

The green tiny dot system works only when you are following someone and the same person also follows you back; if this is not the case, then you will not be able to see their online status.

In recent times there have been many encounters where you will see that tiny green dot next to the person’s profile even if they are not active, so let’s understand why this is happening.

·        The time has not passed:

A person may be active while they are not if enough time has not elapsed for the Active indicator to be changed.

Prior to accurately displaying someone’s activity status, there must be a pause of around 10 minutes.

It can take up to 10 minutes for someone’s genuine active status to be recognized if they stopped browsing Instagram a few mins ago, but it still shows them as active.

·        The app is not closed in the background:

How many individuals are not conscious that Instagram is still going on in the background, even if they’re not actively using it, is startling.

Simply keeping Instagram open on your smartphone won’t guarantee that it isn’t running in the background.

It would be best if you shut it down entirely.

·        They might be lying to you about their active status:

When utilizing the app, some folks would feign being offline.

Someone may be lying to you if they appear online yet claim to be offline.

Although Instagram activity might be misleading, occasionally, people will falsely claim they are not online.

·        There might be some glitch with the server:

Instagram allows for multiple device logins.

The software can even be opened in many tabs on a single device.

Other users will assume you are online if you fail to log out of on the other devices or if you don’t close the Instagram tabs.

What is the accuracy of the active status of Instagram?

Depending on the user, Instagram’s “Active Now” feature may or may not be accurate.

The interval between the real active status and downtime will typically be short.

The green dot that appears next to the names of users who are currently logged in is reasonably responsive.

Having said that, there can be some noticeable pauses in between status updates.

After signing out, users have mentioned that they can still be “Active Now” for up to 15 minutes.

If your “Active Now” status continues after this, another issue could be at blame.

The “Active Now” system does a good job of indicating a user’s current active status, even though it isn’t always totally correct.

Ways in which you can fix the operational status glitch in Instagram:

You can think about ways to make sure that your status always accurately represents your actual activity now that you are more aware of the “Active Now” status and the factors that influence it.

Here are a few techniques to take into account:

1.      Whenever you are not using Instagram, get logged out:

You might think about performing a thorough log-out after you are finished using the Instagram if having your status updated on your profile while you are away is vital to you.

An ongoing “Active Now” state will result from leaving the software running in the background.

2.      Try reconnecting the connection:

You should reboot your internet connection if you discover that your active status is not updating as quickly as you would want to.

An erroneous “Active Now” status can result from a poor internet connection.

Re-establish your connection to be sure the problem is not being caused by your internet.

This is a wise move if you encounter any internet-related problems.

Reconnecting the connection why does Instagram show online when I’m not

3.      Disable the function of showing active status:

You may quickly alter the Instagram settings to make your status private if the “Active Now” function is not something you are interested in.

Simply go to the Instagram settings and select the Security and Privacy option to accomplish this.

You can choose to hide your “Active Now” status there.

Remember that by doing this, you will also be unable to see the “Active Status” of any other users.

You can always turn it back on if you alter your mind.

  • Click hamburger menu at the top of right hand corner
Hamburger menu why does Instagram show online when I’m not
  • Now click settings option from the menu
Settings why does Instagram show online when I’m not
  • Click Privacy option in the next menu
Privacy why does Instagram show online when I’m not
  • Click Activity status in the next menu
Activity Status why does Instagram show online when I’m not
  • In the next screen you will find “Show Activity Status” option
Show Activity Status why does Instagram show online when I’m not
  • Turn off “Show Activity Status” by toggling the button
Activity Status Turned off why does Instagram show online when I’m not

4.      Let the Instagram to settle it on its own:

Giving Instagram enough time to upload any new status updates and display them on your account would be the simplest way to handle this issue.

You’ll discover that doing this usually resolves any “Active Now” status difficulties you may experience while using Instagram.

Your account may not update on Instagram for up to 10 minutes after you have been inactive.

5.      Try closing the app in the background:

The steps provided below are only for android device users:

  • Select the Network and the Internet from the Settings.
  • From the Mobile phone network drop-down option, choose App data use.
  • Find Instagram in this section, click on it, and disable the Background data set.
  • The app won’t immediately update due to not using cellular data in the background. Your cellular internet will also be stored.

Last words:

Inconsistent “Active Now” statuses can cause misunderstandings or uncomfortable circumstances with your acquaintances and colleagues.

Consider using some of the strategies listed above to make sure that the active status is always updated

if maintaining your current status and having it appear on your profile is important to you.

Although it usually happens sooner, it could need min for Insta to respond to changes on your account.

Your main line of defense against any “Active Now” status issues can be to avoid leaving your Instagram account open in the background.

You may finally take charge of your internet appearance thanks to this tutorial.


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