Why does POF not Working on Wi-Fi (Resolved)

why does POF not working on WiFi
Why does POF not working on WiFi

Why does POF not working on Wi-Fi ? To understand it better, read this article and if some of your friends or loved ones are facing a similar issue, then forward it to them.

It is a Canadian website that is also popular in any countries like the U.S.A, UK, Canada, and many more.

The name of this website is plenty of fish; the POF does gain a reputation as the top online dating site available due to features so of it is safety and security provided to its user as well as the user-friendly interface of the website.

However, it also goes under some glitches just like any other online website will go because of the bugs and some technical issues, which then create problems for its user while sending messages or not working over Wi-Fi.

In this article, we are going to discuss on the topic of why does POF not working on Wi-Fi.

Before moving on to the Wi-Fi issue, let’s discuss some other issues that are faced by the users. There are many ways in which you can solve your issue; let’s look at it:

  • Turn off and back on your phone’s Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Make sure that there is a strong internet signal on both your computer and phone. Restart your phone if you’re having issues with your internet connection.
  • Make sure the POF app has access to background data on your phone. To do that, open the settings of your smartphone and toggle between Network & internet, Data Usage, and Mobile Data Usage. Scroll down to discover the Messages app, and toggle Background data on by tapping Messages.
  • If you are using a VPN, then try disconnecting and then try to reconnect it again.
  • Turn off the Chrome extension simultaneously if you are using it because some extensions might prevent your website service.

If you have recently switched to a new device or you are resetting your devices to the factory, then you can follow the steps given below:

Check if the device is in the updated version.

You can also try other given troubleshooting steps which are given below;

if your device’s space has been exhausted, this could cause the delayed message receiving and sending of the text to the person.

You can use the given above instructions in which you can help yourself out of this trouble.

Part 1: messages not sending issue:

To understand this issue clearly, imagine a scenario where you have written a paragraph about how you have feelings for someone and how much you love them.

Still, due to this glitch, your message does not get delivered.

Will it not be frustrating to you, or if this happens with someone you love?

Let’s understand some of the reasons which are creating such issues:

  • The main reason could be that you are using foul language in the chat with someone who is strictly against the policies of plenty of fish. They have also flagged some words, and if you use those words, the message will not get sent automatically. The words which are included in that list are cocky, bedroom, sexy, and similar words; if you are using those words continuously, then your account could get banned from their servers.
  • You might be sending the same message to everyone you come across. The pof will consider as a spam account and will immediately block your account.
  • Your account might have got flagged by many users because of the activities you are doing, and if they have decided to review your account, then you may lose all your access to your account.

After seeing the reason, let’s discuss on how to solve it:

  • You must check your message again before sending it and try to avoid using any kind of flagged words. You must understand that even the slightest word, such as bedroom, can cause a problem for you, and you will lose your account’s access.
  • Do not copy and paste; try to write some creative text for each person. The POF wants its users to connect with creative and interesting people, not with those who are just copying and pasting the same text to each of them.
  • Do not pretend to be perfect in your profile; put the correct information which is true to yourself because if someone flagged about this issue, you would surely get blocked from the plenty of fish website.

Part 2: POF cannot connect to the Network:

Sometimes there is a message from the POF website that the server is not connecting to Network, do check your Wi-Fi cable and cellular data connectivity.

This issue generally arises only when POF is getting restricted from something from the connectivity.

You can check if the server is down, or maybe the connection provider’s server is under maintenance.

There are several reasons behind these issues; let’s get to there:

  • Verify that the apps are connecting to the Network or not. Contact your service provider if all of the other apps or websites on your device are functional.
  • Your program is likely out of date if some POF functions work while others give an error message. Upgrade the app to the most recent version by visiting the Play Store.
  • It’s possible that POF is genuinely unavailable. You won’t be able to use the POF app or website in this situation. All you can do is wait for the website to relaunch.
  • Suppose you are frequently turning Airplane Mode on and off. Otherwise, you must enable it and wait a while before using it. Please turn it off now.


Online dating and meeting new people can both be done on POF.

It is all because of its user-friendly user interface; POF offers a flawless browsing experience and connects you with like-minded people.

However, if the POF is not working, the circumstances can make this experience difficult.

You may resolve POF troubles with the help of the tips listed above, allowing you to resume meeting new people without any problems.


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