Why does POF Stop Sending Messages (Reason & Solutions)

Message glitching is a very common error in POF and sometimes POF users complain about undeliverability of messages. What is the reason behind this glitch and Why does POF stop sending messages?

Let’s find out and resolve

About Plenty of Fish (POF)

It is a very popular Canadian online dating site named Plenty of Fish.

It can be accessible in many countries, such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, etc.

You can also contact other Plenty of Fish dating app users even if you are not matched, which is one of the best features.

It now has over 150 million users.

However, many users have recently complained that Plenty of Fish is not sending or displaying the sent messages.

Regardless of where they are, these problems affect all users.

Plenty of fish is very distinct from other dating sites, such as Tinder and Bumble,

Because it is managed and owned by Match.com,

which is an online dating and marriage service provider.

Additionally, it offers a premium plan that starts at a price of $ 18 per month, which is very convenient.

If you are also facing the same glitch where the text is not getting sent,

then you don’t have to worry because we have several solutions which can surely fix the issue and will help you out.

Like any other dating site or app, Plenty of Fish has various glitches.

One of the major glitches is many users are experiencing with not sending or not displaying the sent messages to the user.

In this article, we will discuss why POF stops sending messages, the reason behind the glitch, and how to solve this message glitch.

Plenty of fish: What are the ways to Resolve the Message glitch?

As we all know that, communication is one of the most important and fundamental steps in any relationship.

If you are texting someone on POF and the texts you receive or send don’t appear in your chat box,

it might be very annoying because the other user might lose interest and skip the chat.

These kinds of problems are typically caused by poor internet connectivity.

You may try checking for an update of the POF app on your smartphone from the official site or the mobile app before trying one of the given solutions.

If your app is updated, then ensure to restart your device to check if it makes any difference in the app’s working.

Follow the instructions below to resolve the problem of Not sending/showing the issue in POF if it continues to display the same.

1.      Check whether your Plenty of fish profile got banned:

Unlike other dating platforms, the Plenty of Fish is very strict and forbids using vulgar or offensive language in profiles or while communicating with others.

You can try to verify your recent text to see whether any offensive language was used by you or not.

POF will block those users’ communications options containing abusive language from being sent or received.

They have an AI tool on their platform, which helps them to find offensive language on its own.

Your risk of being banned from accessing the POF services gets higher if you are using the foul language that is listed.

The entire message will be blocked by a term such as Bedrooms.

You may try to send the text again after removing the offending term or replacing it with more appropriate words.

POF does not have a set of words or any kind of list which can be used to employ to prohibit accounts.

However, they may prohibit or restrict your account from sending messages if they find anything suspicious and connected to messages,

including any forced conversation, warning, or violence.

2.      You might be spamming someone’s chat box:

If you deliver the same texts to almost every user on their app, Plenty of Fish thinks that the text is spam, and they may ban your profile from their site.

So, make an effort to connect with your partner by sending personalized texts.

Also, please double-check your profile and only fill it with accurate information because POF occasionally disables inaccurate or incomplete profiles.

3.      Internet connection might be down:

Internet problems are the most frequent problem when receiving and sending a text on the POF app.

You must check whether your Wi-Fi and cellular data connections are working properly.

A weak data connection can prevent a message from being sent or received.

Additionally, keep an eye out for server outages on various sites or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If any of the POF app’s services are not functioning properly, there may be a problem with the apps file, or they might be working on the codes.

The issue can be resolved easily by clearing the cache files in the settings of your device or by trying to reinstall the application.

On the other hand, you can switch off the wireless, wait ten seconds, and then turn it back on; it can also help you out.

4.      Cleaning your browsing history might be helpful:

You might look for updates and install the most recent version of the app if you’ve been using Plenty of Fish for a long time.

Additionally, you can execute a hard refresh by typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5.

  • Launch the browser, then select Menu in the top right corner.
  • Navigate now, select More tools from the Menu, and then pick Clear browsing data.
  • Click the checkbox next to clear browsing history, clear download history, clear cache, and remove cookies and other site and plugin data on the clear browsing page.
  • Restart the browser program after that to apply the changes and reopen the POF website.

Why the Plenty of fish is controversial?

There have been multiple incidents where people committed crimes because they met through Plenty of Fish.

Below you will find some examples to understand it better.

A guy named Scott Lazenby, whose age was 27 was locked up7 years in prison in February 2017 for raping one victim whom he met on the platform

and molesting the second victim in front of the latter’s own children.

In light of his case, Judge, Andrew Woolman, remarked to the court that because the women are registering on dating apps,

it does not mean that they give “the consent to it”.


There are a lot of dating apps; one of them is Plenty of fish which allows users to connect through their portal.

There are so many other sites available, but the strict policies of Plenty of fish make it unique and help it to stand tall more than others.

We hope we have resolved the issue of why does POF stop sending messages.


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