Why is Rocket League so Laggy on PC?

Rocket League is a hugely popular vehicular soccer video game renowned for its smooth, responsive gameplay. However, on PC, some players experience lag, stuttering and rubber banding issues that severely impact the gaming experience.

This article explores the potential reasons why and provides fixes to help optimize Rocket League on PC.

Potential Reasons for Lag

  • Outdated graphics card drivers: Outdated GPU drivers can cause compatibility and optimization issues. Keeping them updated is key for peak Rocket League performance.
  • Background processes: Other demanding apps running during Rocket League put strain on your hardware resources, resulting in lag.
  • Connectivity issues: An unstable internet connection leads to latency, packet loss and disconnects that translate to lag in-game.
  • Graphics settings too high: Playing on graphics options beyond your PC’s capability will cause frame drops and stutters.

Steps to Fix Rocket League Lag on PC

  • Update graphics drivers
  • Access Device Manager > Display Adapters > Graphics Card > Update Driver
  • Close other programs
  • Use Task Manager to close any unnecessary programs using CPU or RAM while playing.
  • Reset router and test network
  • Reset router to refresh network devices and ensure stable internet access. Test with online speed test.
  • Adjust Video Settings
  • Lower quality presets like anti-aliasing and effects for improved frame rates.
  • Verify game files and reinstall if necessary
  • Use Steam or Epic Game Store tools to scan for corrupt files or reinstall.

Final Remarks on “Why is Rocket League so laggy on pc?”

Following these troubleshooting steps should help identify and resolve any software, hardware or connectivity issues causing Rocket League lag.

Tweaking in-game video settings is usually key to optimize performance for your PC. This gets you back to smooth sailing and epic aerial goals in Rocket League matches.


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